Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Okay guys... we are both so very sorry about the delay in getting this out, but sadly A has been horribly sick and went to spend some time at the beach house with Kimberly till it passed. Needless to say Kimberly was very much the hostess with the mostess, wigs and all!

So here we go!

A: Before it begins, I need to state that I will now be referring to Violet as 'Vile-it'

E: I approve

A: So does the rest of the Melrose cast.

E: Starting an episode with Ashlee is like giving the viewer a disclaimer..."No good acting here if you were wondering, please move along".

A: Skip to a scene with Sydney!

E: Skip to a scene with.....anyone!

E: Oooh Michael is doctoring

A: Cue 'Grey's Anatomy' speak and ER Flashyness

E: Kimberly was totally better at the doctoring

E: Remember when TV doctors had pagers?

A: Oh that's very 1998...we're in 2009 now!

E: Yet more proof that Jonah sucks ass. I mean this is supposed to be an advert for high fashion, not an internet advert for vibrators.

A: My biggest issue with this is that I want to smack that bad boy mustache off Antons lip.

E: Jonah said 'bad' instead of 'sick' or 'ill'.

A: He must be....sick! hehehe

E: His vocabulary diversifies!

A: Gawd, whats with all the looser hats in this show?

E: It's a homage to Jessica Simpson.

A: Epic fail.

E: OMG that's a vile dress.
A: I liked it... you know 'till it turned around and the rope-back revealed itself.

A: I think Anton's 'real denim' range is aiming for a Wal-Mart clientelle.

E: H&M at best

A: It's just occured to me that Anton is channeling Ethan Hawke circa 1995

E: He reminds me more of Steve Coogan

A: Barf

E: Ok, why did Syd never hooker on a boat?

A: Her pimp had only middle-aged low income workers as clients.

E: These whores are very fashionable.

A: Too bad it was torn denim, fishnets and perms when Syd was doing it.

A: Aww man love flirting.

E: Gay Matt wants in.

A: They are talking basketball...or tennisball...some sport with balls... so lame making them talk hetero.

E: "I've been selling real denim using fake people." That would NEVER happen at D&D.

A: Totally. Alison would have been all over that shit.

E: Perhaps that's what is wrong. They need vodka.

A: And shoulder padded power suits.

E: Woah...Michel has been watching too much Nip/Tuck. He thinks he can pull a Christian in the bar.

A: I guess all he needs to do is say "Hey baby, I'm a doctor!"

E: What the eff is Riley wearing?

A: I'm guessing the kids took to her dress with scissors when they ran out of paint. And speaking of fashion...almost halfway through the ep and Ella is STILL in the same dress!

E: The producers are saving up enough money to bring back more 1.0 cast members.

A: Sadly, at the moment, all they can afford is Lexi.

E: They have used this boat in something else....it's really bothering me.

A: Speed 2. They replaced Sandra Bullock with Sandra O.

E: Poor Sandra O can't cope with the hooker stress. Feeble!!!! Syd would have totally flaunted it.

A: Big time! Bad Whore! BAD WHORE!

E: Hookerfail!

A: This is such an OMFG moment!

E: heeeeeeeee!

A: I totally squeed!

E: This is still not as good as when Michael fucked Kimberly in the back of his blue Saab.

A: Yeah I thought it was missing Michael ripping off her top.

A: My those are some PINK shorts!

E: Riley's rack has been raiding the sale aisle at American Apparel.

A: Riley's sweaty rack has been listening to Hootie and the Blowfish on the iPod!

E: rackPodding.

E: What do we think Jonah's hidden T-Shirt says?

A: 'I'm with Stupid' where the arrow is pointing up.

E: I vote "Battlefield Earth & Gigli & Basic Instint 2"

A: Woah...I think I just went straight for Riley!

E: Did the sheepskin do it?

A: I thought she had Falcor from Never Ending Story around her neck.

E: See, my lesbian self isn't feeling anything.....except boredom.

E: Kimber is NOT amused.

A: Hell no! Her whore went AWOL during a 'mission'

E: She has an awesome convertable and big costume jewellrey

A: Must pay good to have whores who do their job!

A: Oooh Vile-it is being all cray cray

E: dundundun psycho!

A: How cool would it be to find out that Michael banged Syd when she was in college...

E: God I hope so!

E: Overall thoughts?

A: So Sydney slept with Michael, then with his son David, then Michael sleeps with Sydney's daughter Vile-it?! A twist I can jump on!

...and that's all for now. Until tomorrow....

Much Love


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  1. Michael WAS in Nip/Tuck. Well, Thomas Calabro was. He played a ..drumroll.. DOCTOR!