Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Ok guys here we are, right on time for episode seven! The wigs are on, the vodka is in the ice bucket and the pool boy is...well, he's cleaning the pool.

A: Holy MEGA rack!

A: 'Le Rack' unsuported? It's quite low today. Perhaps it is sad?

E: Jonah has aquired a British accent. He sounds even more of a douche.

A: That's what his T-shirt says this week.

E: Jonah's wearing mountains on his T-shirt in preperation for his meeting with Paramount. He's thinking the design will score him the job.

A: How subtle.

E: How....pathetic.

E: Oooh photoshoot time!

A: Gawd, someone is dressed for high tea with Strawberry Shortcake.

E: Yikes! Annie Hall threw up on her head!

E: How many different colour scrubs does Sandra O own?

A: Apparently eggplant is the new blue in scrubs.

E: Looks more pinky to me.

A: BTW - why is she wearing long jonhs under her scrubs? It's L.A for crying out loud. Poor gal must be swealtering!

E: Aside from that fact, I don't know any doctors who walk home in thier medical scrubs.

A: She's showing off.

E: Jooooooooooooo!

A: Joooooooooo!

E: I want to marry instantly.

A: She's totally eye-fucking the rack.

A: "Ok, now turn left.." Jo is not so much with the posing directions.

E: She never was.

A: True, she's used to shooting passed out bums down on Melrose Avenue.

E: She looks great though.

A: Natural.

A: Someone should tell Jonah never to trust a man wearing purple...purple socks that is.

A: Seriously, whoever dresses Ella needs to be shot. I mean, the outfit is just horrible! It's a Jane Andrews original yes?

E: Well if you count one of her rejects as 'original' then....yes.

E: $10 says Jonah will end up banging her.

A: Holy massive shoulders! Man alive, I'm just going to assume that all the bad outfits are Jane Andrews one-offs.

A: Wait... Jo convinced her to get the rack out to breathe?!

E: Yup.

A: RACK! Side rack! hehehehe.

E: She did it! Jo got the shot! Riley just got know, for a millisecond.

A: Oooh Angry rack.

E: Mostly I want to know why Jo's so pissed at the wannabe models....

A: Sydney is pissed, Jane is pissed, Jo is pissed, something is pissing off the Melrose originals.

E: I think that happened when they decided to cast Ashlee as spawn of Syd.

E: Dear God.

A: Her glasses annoy me.

E: They really don't suit her.

A: Total Tina Fey fail.

E: I just threw up in my mouth a little.

E: Is this Jo's house? Oh balls, David is stealing from it. I really wanted it to be Jo's.

A: Ooh Sandra O totally busted him! "Hooker P.I. airing Tuesdays on FOX"

E: Hooker P.I. and the case of the missing trousers.

E: We need more Jo. Where is she?

A: Classy Jo!

E: Hawt! Wait-- where have her dykey boots gone?

A: She got too much sand in them. Annoyed her.

A: I like douchey when he's dissin' Vile-it.

E: He's confused. 1+1=?

A: Blue?

A: Pimp calling Sandra O

E: Kimberrrrrrrr!

A: Errrrrm, sorry it's Wendi with an 'I'

E: Perhaps Sandra O is dyslexic?

A: Remind me never to get her to give me a physical then.

E: Ashlee is having fun playing with IKEA.

A: Vile-it is playing house...with all her...umm...friends.

E: More Jo! Be still my heart. They should play that Friendly Fires song: "Jump in the.. Jump in the POOL!"

A: She's back! Back at the mothership.

E: Mention Jake. She needs to mention Jake dammit.

A: Jonah is still with the shoulders.

E: And her day-glow teeth.

A: Sunglasses anyone?

E: Siiiiiigggghh. Over.

A: One episode with no Syd = Fail. Two episodes with no Syd = Epic Fail

E: But have you noticed how the original cast members always get great clothes? Except for Jane of course.

A: But that's in character.

... and that's all for now. Until next week...

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