Saturday, 3 April 2010

She's Baaaaack!

We here at MP 2.0 love love love our original Melrose residents. The likes of Jo, Amanda, Sydney, Lexi and Kimberly (plus others) were responsible for our love of wigs, blackmail, vodka and mini skirts and have shaped us into the bed-hopping bitches we are today. We love them even more when they stop by in this new version, and after last weeks Melrose-gasm inducing episode of Jo, Jane, Michael and Amanda, it's been revealed that our favorite hooker Sydney (Laura Leighton) is making a surprise return appearance in the season (or series) finale!

Now why is this a surprise appearance? Well as far as fans were concerned, Sydney was well and truly dead and any need for her 'flashbacks' were pretty much over with the big "Who killed Sydney" reveal back in episode 12, and the only references to one of Melrose Place's greats was in passing comment regarding Amanda and a missing painting worth $19million.

CW honchos are keeping mum on the subject so we will have to wait until Tuesday night to find out if Sydney has a heartbeat or is still buried 6 feet under, but this isn't stopping fans, new and old, from coming up with their own crazy conclusions!

Judging by the picture below, we are finally able to answer the question that has been bugging both of us...

"What ever happened to Amanda's sheets?"

The Melrose Place season finale' airs this Tuesday Night on the CW 9/8c

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