Thursday, 10 December 2009

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We'll be back ASAP with an all new recap on the killer of an episode that aired on Tuesday night. Believe you and me, there is heaps to talk about!

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  1. What a coincidence! I find another dyke and gay boy bitching about Melrose 2.0...amazing. Let me say thanks for this brilliant blog - now I don't have to suffer through 45 minutes of boring as hell Rack, Vile-it, Jonah (oh my GOD - he makes me LOVE Billy so hard in comparison) just for snippets of my beloved Syd, Amanda and Michael.

    um...and what's this about Billy Campbell (the actor, not the character. How ironic) coming in to be Amanda's "older" love interest? URGGH. Where's Peter? La Locklear wants him on! CW...get on it.

    only good thing about this show is that it prompted a Melrose 1.0 lovefest and I bought myself season 4. Oh...Parezis.