Monday, 28 September 2009


E: Syd got down with her lesbian side at Valley State prison

A: oh totally…with someone named Bertha. She was her bitch.

A: “This is sick Ell!”

E: Speaking of sick, Ella’s bag is disgusting

A: So are the earrings

E: Violet is…..

A: Poorly played by an actress wannabe

E: Such a shit actress

A: Plus Syd wears that dress so much better

E: Laura looks way hotter in that dress

A: And she wanted to make sure of it too!

E: Indeed. MILF

A: Bet Laura was filming that scene going “Fuck you Ashlee”

E: Because Laura is a “real actress”


A: She made him a mix CD!

E: yeah “of video game songs”

A: so 90’s and so nerdy.

E: How fucking pathetic is she?

A: He must have a big penis.

E: Why do the producers assume that we care about Jonah and his whereabouts? Until he goes to find Reilly’s stalker in Seattle, I honestly don’t give a shit.

E: This video sucks asssssssssssss

A: I kinda wanna Itunes this song though

E: Your little gayboy self needs to resist!

A: Ella is all work work work

E: And Reilly is all drink drink drink

A: See I believe the acting here..I believe Riley’s pain….

E: Oh dear. Allison just made out with Jake….

A: Aww. And then she barfed in her mouth a little

A: Lauren is looking a little Sandra O in her Greys Anatomy scrubs.

E: They’re going to shag in that lift by episode 7

A: Totally. Sandra Oh and Dr.Mancini sex

A: Alison’s name is spelt wrong! Geez Mancini, I thought you were a doctor!



E: I swear this is the greatest moment. It’s like a great big ‘come baaaaaaaaaaack!”

A: Yup

E: Everyone come back to the melrosian mother-ship

A: It’s a homing beacon.

… and that’s all folks. Until Wednesday, that is….

much love, A&E.

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